Setting Up or Refurbishing…

When setting up or refurbishing a bar or restaurant, the upholstery and furniture you select play a big part in the look and feel of the space. It is more than just somewhere for people to sit while eating or drinking.

All about the experience!

Seating of all types play a large roll in the experience a diner has in regards to their time at your restaurant. It is part of the aesthetic of the space and the mood is creates.

A top tip when looking at fixed seating upholstery and loose seating, is that the styles should be similar!

Whether you are getting all the work done by us, or just the fixed seating and buying in the loose seating, the style and finish should fit together as well as with the rest of the space.

To create a great atmosphere and design within a space like this, you also need to think of the location of the space, the menu, and what kind of style you want to go for – minimalist, trendy, traditional, cosy and relaxed etc. All these aspects play a role to choosing the best style for your restaurant.

HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean you need to be literal about it and chose a patterned fabric with food on it. But if you are a seafood restaurant, try lighter blues, soft greens and pure whites, keep it fresh and clean to tie it in with the location and the idealisms of being by the ocean.

Practical and Functional

All commercial upholstery needs to be practical and functional. Where some materials may give you the perfect finish you want, they may not be suitable for upholstery.

Opting for a material that is tough, comfortable to sit on, but can also withstand the frequent use they will receive over time is important.
See our blog post on the Martindale Rub for more information!

Dividing the space with Fixed Seating & Smart Layouts

This is a common trick within the design world. Using seating layouts, and fixed upholstery to split open plan areas into smaller sections. This can be done in various ways; changing the finished style of the seating, the colours between each sections and changing the styles of the materials. As well as using larger units of seating to physically divide the space without actually inserting a wall – flooring can also be used to get this effect too.

Adding height with bar stools and tables also helps to bring another dimension to the space. Playing with height, size, shape, colour and texture all add to creating a great space for your customers. Having everything the same will grow old very quickly!

Don’t be afraid to mix it up!