Leather Repair

Leather is generally one of the tougher things that is used on upholstered furniture as it is designed to last a long time and withstand the frequent use we give it in our homes and in commercial settings also. However, it is still able to become worn over time…

Common types of Damage…

Scuffs, scratches, animal damage, cuts, small and larger tears, burns, shoe marks and heel holes – damages depending on location of use of course!

For all of these types of damage, there are DIY kits you can purchase, but for someone who has not done this sort of thing before, we would advise against it, because 9 times out of 10, it comes out worse than before, costing yourselves more money in the long run.

Leave it to the expects!

Your best option is to work with a leather upholstery repair specialist, which is something we do here at Central Upholstery.

We have the correct equipment and are able to repair your furniture correctly.

We have many colour match dyes that can be used to cover discolouration, and so many other products that assist in helping the specialist fill the holes and scratches so they get repaired easily.

Sometimes, we can’t repair it…

Sometimes, the tear is far too big to repair, so the other option is to get a leather that matches as close to the existing one and replace the full panel of the piece of furniture where the tear is located.

Either way, we aim to get the repair sorted for you as quick and as easy for yourself as possible. If it can be done within situ, we will! So it is as hassle-free as possible for yourself!