Commercial Project

Delmonicas in Glasgow is a vibrant and fun bar with two main colour schemes dividing the spaces up. Having completed all the upholstery, and seeing the final outcome, the new look for Delmonicas is simply fantastic!

Client: The Scotsman Group

Location: Glasgow

Completed: 2022

The Difference in Areas…

There are two main areas in Delmonicas: the first using blues and neutrals to create a beautiful bar area with the new booths and stool seats. The Second area through the rainbow archway has a design that gives off a great vibe for the staged area and shows that Delmonicas put on.

Upstairs in Delmonicas

To utilize the space efficiently, we created a two bespoke, made to measure, fitted booths which allowed for multiple seating solutions in the smaller upstairs area…all why tying this space in with the downstairs decor also.

Delmonicas showing off their new look on social media…including all our beautiful upholstery work!