Commercial Project

The Grosvener Picture Theatre in Glasgow has had a complete re-vamp. The space now gives off old time, vintage classic movie house vibes with a beautifully modern twist.

Client: The Scotsman Group

Location: Glasgow

Completed: 2022

The Full Space

With two screens to complete, this was a large, calculated task that Central took on. As well as the theater seats, we also completed all the wall panels, sofa areas, and entrance to each screen.

The New Sofa Areas

The sofas are for a more VIP seating experience which were manufactured from scratch. Giving off a more spacious and relaxing vibe to the ‘seats at the back’.


From the three pictures above, you can see such a fantastic change from the existing theater space to the new completed look. It is more designed, more cohesive and gives you the sense of stepping back in time in a good way. With the use of the new ceiling that adds to this feeling, it gives you the grand vintage feel that a space like this should hold!