Commercial Project

The No1 Apartments in St. Andrews are a beautifully designed and decorated set of service apartments that house guests that are visiting the area.

Client: The Scotsman Group

Location: St. Andrews

Completed: 2020

Throughout all the apartments, there is a theme within the design. The similarities of the furniture style, wall panels, bedding and main colour of grey stay the same, but there are certain rooms, that are situated in a different building that have more colour to them than others. Purely to make them stand out that little bit more due to the change in building.

Adding a bit of colour

Headboards and Curtains…

One of our main jobs here was to complete the apartments soft furnishings in regards to the curtains.

Every pair differed in length and width, so completing this task of 22 pairs of curtains for both the public spaces and bedrooms was a large process but worth it when you see how well they dress the rooms.

The Bedrooms…

As well as the curtains in the bedrooms, we also completed all the headboards. These had to be bespoke in size and style due to space limitations and had to fit within the raised wall panels.

The design of these spaces are beautifully simplistic and elegant with a no fuss approach, while also having enough decorative pieces through the space to make it feel like a home away from home.